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Tuesday, February 6, 2007


February 1st. thursday.
public holiday. yay!. did nothing much. went for music class. baked macadamia nut cookies. yummy. went temple after dinner. go there to make calls. office was like superb quiet cause it's only me inside. quite creepy there. but it was noisy outside the office. filled of laughter n chinese new year spirit.!.

February 2nd. friday.
follow daddy to work. yes. same old routine. pick up calls. read mag. surf net. but the best part is. i get to leave at 2pm. so i start work at 830am end at 2pm to pick my brother up from his swimming competition.. my pay.. i already got it. brand new shoes. hehe. supposingly 50 per day. so i have to work another 2 more days. which depend on when ms.operator's going on leave. haha.

February 3rd. saturday.
woke up at 8.30am. for no reason.. dad called home n say we'll b back at noon cuz mom wants to see jet ming (my brother) 's event. yea. they came back at noon. that fella improved!. good for him.. but he didn't win anything. but getting top 20 in he's breaststroke is good enough thou they screwed up in relay n he's other individual event. good try boy!.

oh n yes. it's reunion night. of class 6i n 6y year 2001 in yi ming's house. n it was li yeong's birthday!. we had fun. most of them from CHS n there's only erm 6 DJ-ians there :yi ming, kaishan, jeffrey, li yeong, melisa, n i. melisa was standing by d barbecue pitt.. yes. barbecue food!. n claims that she's camera shy. lolx. one moment everyone was outside except for mel, shan , n i. we seem to cant join in the group somehow. it was funny especially when people start walking in n few will ask who's that. and then you'll here the Ooo's n Owh's.. n the comments. haha. oh well. after group photo, everyone started being camwhores. all the snap snap n exchange numbers. ok so then. photos time!.

yi ming with cream on his specs. =)

iwei n i.

group photo. erm. more like a planned candid shot.

obviously there are more photos. but not with me yet. =)

february 4th. sunday.
spent my whole day in another temple in banting, klang. okay okay.. i'm holy alright.. but still not fully holy. just doing my job as secretary. bring a group of people there to do cleaning. it's fun when you get to do something like. washing the toilets. with a group of friends. n the only chance we girls can go into the guy's toilets. lolx. may sound funny but it's true.

mom was doing London almond cookies at home. so after dinner my mom n i was moulding the cookies n putting almond. i was exhausted then. yawning all the time when i was doing that. could even close my eyes n do it.

february 5th. monday.
did nothing. loiter around the house. do some cleaning. yea. housewife training. n continue doing that london almond cookie that i din finish doing as i was really tired the previous night. those cookies taste great. haha. because of the chocolate. my favourite.

end of story.. =)

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