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Monday, February 26, 2007


you'll see the same 3 people in all the photos below.. there's only one reason. tze xian, hwee sann, n i were sticking to each other the whole time. we sleep together. eat together. have fun together. laugh together. checking out guys together. giving comment on the other guys's dressing. giving advice to each other.

okay. that sounds wrong!.

but we're best friends.!. and we click to each other very well. =)

just woke up. me. sann. xian.



group photo.

we were bored.

us again.

we have NOTHING to do.

xian n i.

loads of loves.. =)
bottoms up. tze xian, me, hui ling, hwee sann, zi ying, wen yan, hui ying, penny.

end of photos. ~
**everyone in that room was staring at us when we took those photos. **

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