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Sunday, February 25, 2007

chinese new year.

i'm back!. from volunteer. =) home sweet home. i miss home then. slept only 1 night at home for the whole week.

16th feb.

did cleaning. the thing i get really bored of doing. then went yi ming's house again for gathering with those who came back from NS.

the day before chinese new year. 17th feb.

went back taiping in the morning. left home at 430am. reach there 5 hours later. 3 hours journey became a 5 hours journey. dumdum traffic. haha. my brother was sick then. vomit through out the whole way back. luckily it was after the jam. food poisoning. somehow. poor thing. didnt get to eat all the good food..

my cousins. reunion dinner.

1st day of chinese new year. 18th feb

took loads of photos. but not my cam. haha. i have nothing to do!. besides eating. n talking. n watching tv. n yea. gamble. haha. but the best part was the eating part.. oh n angpaus.

cousins again. =) jessy's birthday cake.

2nd day of cny. 19th feb

went to my another grandma's house. in sitiawan. i have NOTHING to do there too. sit n watch those kidos run shout eat laugh play. left there at night. on the way home. we saw this mannequin which shades holding a safety light. battery operated. was freaky.. very!.

before we left.

3rd day. 20th feb
off to dong zen in banting. was asked to wear an indian outfit that need to expose the stomach. i was fat!. so luckily. the pants saved me. haha. for once i wore my pants freaking high.! saw few friends there. n the dance.. haih. embarrassing.!. sann wore the same thing as me. hehe. well i saw my photo shot photos!. whee~. it was hmm.. satisfying.?. =/

lynn yee. my sis. n i. consider my luggage as small for a 5 day stay.

the view.daytime. from duno how many feet up.

the view night.. breathtaking.

4th day. 21st feb

the day of make up n dressing up. i was treated like a doll. but i like the outfit. thou it wasn't the nicest. the shoes!. leg killer. haha. but i AM taller. haha.

HATE the socks. love the hair accessories.

look at the shoe!.

** i know i look fat. too close up.

focus is on my hand not face.. haha. not my fault.

tze xian. me. penny. hui chi. lynn yee. mun yi. zi ying. xiao qi.
5th day. 22nd feb

i love this year's volunteering work. we have plenty of time to chill around.. so then me, xian, sann. went around.
oh then at night. wore the same Indian outfit. pose there n wait for people to take photos.. i know.. it's like what?!.. all i did was smile.. smile. n smile.

6th day. 23th feb

woke up at 530am. suppose to be 430am but my friend n i woke up late. hehe. to do cooking. basically nothing much for us to do cuz it's all done. after eating we went back to sleep. then send our singer friends off.. n it's class time.. we smart people ponteng 45minutes of it. haha. there's floral parade today. two times. tiring. especially when we have to do that dumdum dance.. BARE FOOT! at night help my sister wash clothes. those shirt that the lion dance people wore.. was soaking wet. eww.. zi ying n i was like. yuck!!!. zhi kang was there in the ladies washroom to help me n zi ying. the best part was we get to wake up late.!. yay!.

7th day. my last day. 24th feb
suppose to wake up at 1030am. but zi ying n i again overslept. cuz we're allowed to. haha. skipped 45 minutes of class again. hehe. then it's lunch. then preparation for parade n dinner n parade again n i'm off to home!!. yea mann.. home!. during the parade in the afternoon. saw ns trainees. i was like.. uh-oh. but i dun think anyone saw me. hehe

so then it's today. i'm home. back to same old routine. good bye to fun times. good bye to my so-called boyfriend. haha.. n i'm going back to sleep. =)

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