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Thursday, February 8, 2007

i miss.....


i miss langkawi!.~

i miss this day. my birthday dinner.

best friends in class.=)

mr Leroy Mah : serving the nation now. i miss his lines n poses. =)
ms. Chong Min Li: sweet, sleeping beauty. but i love her!.
mr. Hafiz : lame. trying to tell us how nice it is being LALA.

monkeys in front of school after prom.!

ke wei's pool party.

the bunch of us.
ms. Rachel Chong : bimbo. president of the anti-boys club. or izit vice? oh well. i love her.
ms. Chang Kheng Wei : another bimbo. =) super skinny. <3>
ms. Tan Yi Ling : rachel's blind date partner.. XD. love lots.
mr. Teoh Hong Yee : my kor kor. serving the nation. =). claims he has 5 pax now.
mr. Jovy Low : Kheng Wei's partner. great guy!. =)
mr. Yip Kaishan: my driver =)
mr. Lee Meng Yoei : man with bones.
ms. Ng Yein Mun : i love her blurness. =)
mr. Julian Chong : Juey from monster's inc!.
ms. Amanda Yin : my chemical romance is what she loves.. =)
ms. Ke Wei : party!. =)

i definitely miss them =) cheer mates.

standard six classmates.!. sorry mel. your face got covered by yi ming. here's another photo of you. <3

hese people. the time we had fun there. =)

i miss the time we squeezed into the naza ria n the station games. =) not forgetting the pool!. and the eating maggi mee at 4am.

ms. Young Tze Xian : gossip partner. fun time partner. everything. =) love lots. founder of firmy.

ms. Choo Hwee Sann : erm. dance partner.!.

mr. Tan Sian Hoo : the person i complain to.

fellow angsanians : i love you all. =)

mr. Jeremy Chee : for being my sms buddy!~ founder of adorable =)

mr. Lee Seng Ang : camera man. best partner for basket toss with pui san as flyer. =)

mr. Aiman : chocs!. thou is not here yet after so looonnggg.. meany.
**he likes his photo here. n i've made it smaller so then others wont get an eye sore.. hahaha!~

ms. Edwina Lim : piggy hunting!~
ms. Lai Pui Yean : laughter and jokes.
ms. Melissa Woo : self proclaim angel.
okay the list do go on.. if i've missed out your name.. write something in d chatbox. i'll add in. =)
most important thing!. the photos with braces is the current me. i miss the without braces time.. bahh.. 2 more years.. sob.

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