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Tuesday, March 6, 2007

thank you.

firstly. i wanna thank.

my sister, henry, jonathan, soon shyn, zhong ren, 2 girls from penang, alan, n the others.. who helped in a way or so. thanks alot. for comforting me n helping me. look for my shoe. fyi: i really love that shoe n took me few days to look for a suitable one. from midvalley to klang. haha.

special thanks 2 henry for sending my sister n i home.

the shoe story? i dun wanna talk bout it. it's over.. everything is okay. =)

oh n thanks to sian hoo!. i'm not gonna post our performance video here.. but here's some photos of.. *drum rolls*


here's a conversation i feel rather interesting.

place: meditation room. converted into common room for youth group.
time: when everyone went to invite datuk ong ka ting to temple
when?: sunday. 4th march.

pink shirt girl: jonathan ar. you dont look very good boy you know.. i know you always use foul languages..

yinli: yea.. i thoughs so too..

jonathan: i duno n dont use words like 'f**k you' n all..

pink shirt girl n i: hor.!!!!...

jonathan: whoops!. * covers mouth.*

well.. words just slip out sometime.. haha. luckily the older ones are not there..
jonathan as a leader.. haha.. funniness.
but one thing.. really had fun there. especially killing other people's hair wid hair spray n gel.. lolx!. evil me.. lolx!!

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