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Thursday, March 29, 2007


i cant think of a title for this. so.. it's untitled.. =)
well. i got an invitation to my company's annual dinner!. woohoo!~. not many part timers get to go kay. hehe.. guess where it is held..
ding ding ding!
Renaissance Hotel..
of all places.. i know. haha.
and it's like next tuesday!!. shyt..
theme: international wear.
which means. i can wera any attire i like. anything except baju kurung.
i dunno what to wear. i have no transport there. and..
i dont know anyone there besides those working in the headquarters..
those working in the retail outlets.. i dont know any of them.. hehe..
i know there's 2 other winnie out there.
well. i shall think of what to wear n all the who how what why .. =)
i have nothing to write about now. so then.

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