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Monday, April 2, 2007

emo post.

Yinli is feeling emo.
1. no credit.
2. the mtv didn't turn out to be nice.
3. cut my toe in graveyard.
4. heard creepy sounds in graveyard that dad claims it's made by
monkeys. *so fake*
5. getting fatter.
6. sleepy.
7. have not receive my chocolate yet.
8. heard too many emo songs. *blames radio*
9. it's very cold!. in the office. Adidas jacket is NOT helping.
10. It's very hot!. outside
11. tze xian got a new phone.
12. annual dinner is tomorrow
13. just feel like being emo.
14. no reason not to be emo.
15. =(
16. disappointed.
17. again disappointed.
18. tze xian claims that the way i laughed that day was
the laughter of emo.
19. miss a particular moment. *not to be disclosed.*
no rewards for correct guesses.
20. miss a particular person. *not to be disclosed*
no rewards for correct guesses.
it's a good thing that today is A working day.
not any special day.
no special celebration. no visitors. if not...
there's another 234567 amount of reasons n complains
i wanna blog about
for safety reasons
you wont see it here.

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