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Monday, January 15, 2007

8 hours of sleep.

thursday morning went for video shooting!. it was a press conference hehe. i was on tv.. yea mann!. haha here's a sneak peek of me. in the modern version of traditional chinese princess costume. oh well.. you'll never get a chance to see me in it unless u are goin to that temple during cny. n that's if i'm there.. haha =) n the 17th feb to 4th march.


after =)

after after. =)
Thursday night. went jing quen's house with shueh na. do our dress for fashion show on friday. bzzz.. was there til bout 130am. reach home 2am. then pack my bag and all.. so i slept bout 3am. woke up by my sister's alarm at 535am urgh.. damn tired but cant sleep d. so bath. pack my toothbrush n all. left for jing quen's house at 745am. went to get my dress in zhong xin n then off we go to lrt station. took the train to pudu station to go to melaka. it's my first time taking a bus without my parents 2 somewhere far far away from home.

jing quen n i in the bus.

reach there wait for shueh na n other to come.. we were all separated to groups.. yeish. i was alone there.. make frens larh.. haha. we stay in villas.. one villa per group. damn fun. we have own swimming pool weih. at night we have fashion show. our branch did elegance n floral. n there's a dance floor!!.. haha.. whole hall is our dance floor. my dress is decorated at the bottom.. yes i'm wearing my prom dress. so that's another version of it.

me n a group dress in horror theme clothes.

saturday noon we have games. station games.. i was like soaking wet.. cuz most of it.. we have to jump into the pool. lolx. oh well.. no photos on that.. we were all super late after bath. so 20 of us sqeeze into one of d group member's naza ria.. lolx. on that night.. we went back to our villa bout 2am after class. then our group have to do discussion for our presentation on sunday. eating maggi mee at 4am. we all slept at 445 am.

some of us. other went to sleep. lolx.

sunday. last day.. our branch won a prize. most creative design. for the fashion show.. lolx.
left a famosa at 5pm plus. reach station at 6pm plus. then we went eat dinner. reach home bout 1030pm.

dinner time.

i feel damn independant weih.. haha
oh yea.. nine hours of sleep cuz thursday night slpet 2 hours. friday night 4 hours. saturday night 2 hours. =)


junny junliang said...

u went a famosa without me =( anyway nice one eh. interesting enough. So, when are you gonna go on tv?

JeremyChee said...

sleep more now , to replace the hours
you've missed during the trip. go sleep , dont need everyday also busy practicing to become someone's ideal wife !

..::J.O.A.N.N.E::.. said...

hi.. nice blog!!! and nice braces too~~