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Sunday, January 21, 2007

gossips. =)

went 1u yesterday. after dental.. hmm.. met loads of people.. haha. i thought wont b able to eat after dental appointment but still.. i was happily eating ice-creams.. hehe. yes.. then i went home..

10 minutes later..

'daddy.. send me to jing quen's house after u pick up jet ming...'

poor daddy. drove us all around almost whole day. oh well.. he's birthday's this saturday.. *big smile*..

after the muffin baking thingi.. wait.. there was nothin 4 me to do but pack d muffins n b pig. in other word.. tester. went for meeting in temple.. it was like 5 pm ++ then. i was damn tired.!!!

'oh.. you are also in our drama.' i forgotten who said that..

urgh.. i tot i can go home.. then xian called..

'we need your help in our 'cheer' dance. '

i was like.. owh-kay.. since i'm there.. they started practice earlier as i told them to.. then when i went up stairs.. it was like.. OMG!.not to say its bad.. but d dance dun suit the song.. or izit the other way.. hmm. anyway... i gave them a weird grin.. one of them was like.. dont stare at us like that.. lolx..

main point is..


lolx.. we sort of made a deal to write in our blogs. =)

oh n i'm jealous of tze xian n hwee sann's bag.. lolx.

n d gossip part.. in mamak stall after everything.. haha. wei ee n xian n i obviously was talking non stop almost.. haha. most of d peeps there was watching football.. d myteam or wateva.. wasn't paying any attention. d gossips.. hmm.. i'm not gonna reveal it.. it's d secret between three of us. =)

1 comment:

xiannie said...

hey firm ass! haha! next time we go FGS again must gossip some more! i din know wei ee got soo much gossips wan .. haaha ! i mean for a guy laa ..