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Monday, June 1, 2009


sei lorrr. it's emo day AGAIN.. ): 

那个男人昨天送我回金宝,他本来打算留一下就回家.. 我也以为他留一下就回了.. 结果他还是留下来陪我,今天下午才回家..
but他可怜到,整天都‘早睡早起’.. haha!! 难怪一有的睡就变成猪.. blehh.

可以讲就快宠坏我这个女朋友了.. lol. 

and that was our 6th month. time does fly. ily. 

i bet you all realise it's a 'recycled' photo. yea it is. cuz the up to date photos are in his phone. hee. soon laa. 
i like this photo laaa. 


on the other hand.. 

yiling huney. sorryy. 
suppose to teman you to Malacca then back to Kampar but in the end ditched you. ended up you din go cuz i din go. *paiseh* 

the foundation gang, (winnee, shirley, chia hui, xi shun, leslie) 
sorry i din follow you guys to Malacca as well. 

lately ditched alot of people and i sorta feel bad.. sorryy.. i'll make it up to you all. hee. *hearts*

btw. my 2nd last bfast in pj before leaving for kampar. 

FISH AND CHIPS. (: mayang's double storey. cheap and nice. haha. me love.. haven been there for quite sometime edi.. 

there are some leftover photos from everywhere. i'll post it up soon. (: now that i'm super duper free. haha. 


classes just started today.. the 1st lecturer and tutor seems really nice. so i guess i can conclude that this semester's classes are gonna be good. right? ngehh. tak tau laa. 
1st day of class alot happened. but still . manage to catch up a lil with some of them.  ahah.. not forgetting ter-expose my 'beautiful' face to my housemate.. ter-tear when i went to talk to her. hehe. prolly missed home laa. 2 weeks been home all day. ngehh. 

ooh. gohtong jaya for dinner and genting starbucks yum cha!. ahah. i missed that. fun laa.. lets do it again next holidays.. (: on boh?  haha.. 

almost forgotten. 
the weather in Kampar.: HOT!. HUMID! STUFFY!. no likey. blehh. 

*to andy: jealous lehh? i got english class. bleh*
introduction.. we were suppose to introduce ourselves. 

Mr. Sebastian

my name is yinli
i'm from pj. 
which part of pj?
taman sea
ooh.? so you attended high school in taman sea? 
*shake head* no.. damansara jaya. *smiles*
so your biology teacher will be.. *thinks really hard*
*eyes super wide* *smile and nod. *

omg.. bumi ini kecil.. 


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