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Saturday, June 6, 2009

'who farewels with their girlfriend?'

boyf sudah fly.. ):
haha!. i have even more freedom.
take care of yourself there kay. oh and you are not allowed to go look for UK 'BOOKS'.. you know what i mean kan? *do the eyebrown roll* rolf!. 

my mission to not cry failed miserably.. damn embarassing lorr. *blush* but but i'm perfectly fine ddi. 
and thanks for sending me home, evelyn. 
haha. funny laa you siblings. note: we went 'car hunting' in klia's parking lot.  

next mission is to rely less and to be more mature. *fingers crossed*

on another note: 


you still look the same after so many years. haha. remember when we 1st found out pn. uh. i lupa her name ddi!. 's birthday was same as yours!. lol. 
i miss your silly dirty jokes laa. (MAPED) HAHA!. 
oh and HAFIZ. any idea where he disappeared to after our last meet up? *tsktsk* the totally random just to safe-a-relationship.  and and MINLI!. 

izit just me or where has everyone been?. 

wait.. will you be reading this? haha. tak tauu. oh well still. you're no longer a teen. you tau laa. haha.. meet up soon!. ehh. i just met you 2 weeks ago kat adidas warehouse sale!. oh well still.. meet up soon!. *hugs*

oh.. it's also DANA'S birthday!. happy birthday babe!. 
and MUNSTER. happy birthday! 

din miss out anyone for today ddi rite? 

photos of what i have been up to during last week of holidays besides hanging out with boyf. 

lazy copy photos link. hehe. so linked the whole post. terima kasih rayner. (:

signing out um. happy but not happy. you tau laa horr. 


pOT@tO said...

bf go to UK adi huh...
jie jie sayang...
u're not alone okay...
c u to9 oo..

Anonymous said...

dun tak happy la darl~
siak siak huh~^^

yinli said...

haha my darling mens..
i heart you both laa. *hugs*thank you both soo much.
i'm okay ddi. (: feeling much better.

i thought i'll emo longer tapi this morning okay ddi. at least here at kampar got you all teman so wont think so much de. haha.

6 months only maaa. very fast wan. *zi wo an wei abit* hehe. (:

*hugs and kisses*