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Sunday, June 28, 2009

misery business

ooh! HEAVY rain!. with sunshine.

emo laa.
prolly due to the silence.
then the thoughts starts to come.
soo hate being alone.
good thing there's songs.
'whoaaa.. ' rihanna's new song. hatin on the club.
and also
'your lips like sugar' ..
are sooo stuck on my head.
akibat too much influence of darlings bokkie and shirley.

the other day. winnee told me to check out alynn's blog.
she wrote a very touching post on our gang. TA7~
time passed and some things changed.
friendship remains the same and probably stronger for some..
but no matter what..
hangging out with this bunch of ppl is sometimes.
the only thing you wanna do for a day.
their endless lameness and laughters
never fails to cheer you up.
heart you all. (:


going for transformers later after UTAR concert. *banana dance* lol!.


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