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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

me no likey you.. *bleh*

ahhhhh!!!!!. me no likey you you're soooo not cool. hmph!. 


heard from a friend about another friend. sigh. luckily she's alright. (: 

today is pretty much fun filled. haha. chat with my housemates ming jiet and cindy.. feels good when there's someone to talk to about anything. and we also gossiped about our new housemates.. nyehehe.. 

went tesco for groceries shopping too. soo reminded me of you..* you know who you are. * oh and felicia complained about not having a kuli to push the trolley and carry our stuffs. hmm another you know who you are. BUT different from the 1st one.  (:

DEREK NG!. i dun like you. who ask you keep giving me names??? babi you.. hmph!!..

genting!.  i miss them. 

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