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Saturday, June 13, 2009

night fever night fever..

it's JOHN CHIANG my foundation class rep's birthday yesterday..

we went for steamboat dinner in kampar. (: ok ok laa bout the food. but the company is AWESOME.

after dinner there's the 'tradition' that was practiced during every friend's birthday..

the essentials.:
carbonated drinks
packet drinks
water balloons

cake!. of course. but but it was unintentionally crushed.. oh well. fun laa.

soo. what's up next? cream and water done ddi.. what else ei?? haha.

haven't hang out with them for quite sometime ddi. and it feels good being around them. cuz the crappiness, laughter, jokes, rubbish and everything they do.. somehow will just turn the frown upside down.

the four of us. karaoke session from last post. (:

shucks. i suppose to be working on assignments now with my will to procrastinate.. BUT. haha!. i'm blogging instead.. (:

emo songs was on one fm.. sorta made me emo sikit sikit.. hmm. how come i dont get emo when we were singging those songs during karaoke eh??

omg laa its soooooooooooooooo hot here!!. and it's quiet outside. cuz some of them went back. which explains why i leave my room door open.

grey's anatomy-hong kong drama-facebook-plurk-sleep-assignments-day dreaming-grey's anatomy-facebook-plurk..

my saturday.. (:

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