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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

you’re so sad maybe you should buy a happy meal

anyone volunteer to get me happy meal??

yesterday was prolly the best day so far since the semester started.. met HOUREN in campus today.. super surprised to see him there.looking good there!.. too bad it was just a wave and 'hello' cuz we were going the opposite dirrection.

after dinner.. sze ting, felicia, winnee and i went to westlake hang out. hehe. we were chor di-ing at 1st. that was about 11 something until 1am... those who knows the place will say sooo dangerous for us 4 girls to be out there that time. but we were safe... we had girls talk after that.. felt much closer to them now.

ahh!. soo guilty cuz my housemate was worried bout me. cuz it's been long since i've been out late late. and then she din see my red slippers outside the room, thought i din come back last night. sorry ming jiet. i'll text next time. heee.. thanks for your concern anyway. *hugs*

BISHness, aka MIFS lecture was boring as usual.. i was fishing then cuz din take a nap before the class. heh. grey's is soooo addictive!. scandals.. HAWT!.. soo loving mcDreamy.. *drools* and meredith. ahah!.

CRM was equally boring. i tried my very best to stay focus with distractions from the one on my left playing PSP and the one on my right texting. but i still heart them both. even skipped last 15 minutes of class to kap zhai. hah!. he was infront of the library. thumbs up for hair and dressing!. tapi cant see the looks clearly cuz we were at the 2nd floor and he was at the ground floor. blehh.

i'm still up wondering if the boyf's gonna come online. i'm pretty darn sleepy liao.. 8am class samore laa tmr. business finance. which seemed to be pretty hard thou.. focus!. i really needa focus...

pasal KENT TEOH i'm craving for starbucks.

photo credits to Rayner. (:

psst.. i'm on a photo stealing spree. making a habit of at least an image in every post.. so um. love it hate it... i dont really care. BUT comments are always welcomed.

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