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Friday, August 24, 2007

secret. i cant tell.

had my piano grade 8 exam. which i screwed up badly. uh.. hope that i can pass it.

classes ended at 2. so my classmates decided to go for movie. as usual. 18 of us. with ronald, vin, and see soon. ron n soon skipped half of public speaking just to go to mid valley to get our movie tix. the que was loong.... when we were there in d afternoon. after movie went 4 dinner at sushi king. then yam cha n story telling session wid ron, soon, chia hui, xue ni n szuat li. =) okay. now bout the movie. secret. staring jay chou. i admit he cant act. but it's a very touching story. lolx. had lots of fun. everyone's into the sound track now.

before public speaking. i heart them

karaoke!. after class we went to sunway. sang from 12-3. scream our lungs out. n had loads of fun. of course there's photos. since it's d last friday for this sem. and we might not get a 2 hours class in d next sem. jerry came along too. so there was 4 cars. so then we went yam cha in a mamak at sunway. i think it's called baiduri or something similar.

thanks 2 ronald for sending me home for d past 3-4 outings. =)

ronald n i.

kc n i.

ronald came into the ladies.

winnee, grace, xue ni n i.

shirley n i.

shuei lin. me n grace.

having computer studies extra class tmr just to finish d presentations.. dumb ass lecturer. jeez. 3 bloody hours on a saturday morning. n we all havto dress in formal. bet half the class as in those who hav already presented will not be going.

finals is in two weeks. time to study now.


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