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Sunday, May 16, 2010

"meet the in-laws"

it was an unintentional conincident filled 'meet the in-laws' the way Leslie put it.

what happened was, after bfast with daddy and bro, initial plan was to head to Giant for some groceries shopping.
there was some warehouse sale going on on the 2nd floor so thought go check it out. was strolling cuz nothing caught my attention until i looked up and saw this really familiar uncle. *snap!. Leslie's father. OOPS. shy much!.

introduced to daddy laaa abothen. he was right next to me takkan ignore him merh?? then Leslie's mom came around then they chatted awhile. it was a weeee bitt awkward. cuz mr sleepyhead decided to stay in bed longer. bleah.

i. successfully handled. a so called 'meet the in-laws' session. alone. WOOT. hahahaaa. never expected them to meet so soon thou. mom wasn't there so it's not really counted but. ANYHOW.  it's sorta like a breakthru for me. cuz i'm SHY. :X

just finish watching avatar with the family. uhmm. it was OKAY laaaaa.

suppose to be in Pavillion now with boyf and his friends but it's the only day since i've been back that everyone's home. so yea i stayed home.

the weather is literally killing me!. sooooo hot. ):


Jonshea said...

at least things went well. XD

kenwooi said...

haha.. but things were okay.. so.. good la =)

yinli said...

jonshea: yeaaa. it went well. (:

kenwooi: ehhe yupyup. (: EHH your post on why msia lost to china. FUNNY MUCH.

J said...

then both ur dad and his parents got shy shy or not??


I'm starting to think. My gf's parents knows how to speak cantonese and mandarin. My parents knows how to speak hokkien only. I dunnu wat language they going to use? english or BM?sweat

yinli said...

J: nope. they clicked pretty well. (: so glad. ahhaah.
welll. you wont know until they really meet.