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Friday, June 22, 2007


got tagged by junliang and liyan.. didnt really wanna do it at first. but since liyan tagged me with the same thing.. so i shall do it.

here goes. .

5 things found in your school bag :

- pencil case

- purse

- sweets (comes in REALLY handy during boring lectures)

- house key

- student id

5 things found in your purse/wallet:

- muh-nee... $$$$ i tottally need it.

- calendar.. to keep track of the days..

- receipts.. keep track of my spendings.

- name cards.. uh. duno..

- identity card.. it's a must wert. not meh?

5 favourite thing my your room:

- my BED!!!!! the place i study, sleep, laugh, cry, talk on the phone.

- my clothes. it's like never enough.. haha.

- my dressing table.. place to store d accesories.

- my accessories.. just love it.

- my bags... i want more bags.... *evil smile*

5 things you are currently into:

- that handphone

- that nike bag..

- when to celebrate my own birthday.. stupid examinations.. grr..

- finish all my dumb-ass assignments. (i feel like a nerd)

- tops!! (i dun wanna wear d same thing to class...)

5 people I wanna tag:

uh.. anyone who wants to do lar..

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