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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

life-less. *updated with photos.*


i went for an 'adventure' with my classmates, (grace, john, shirley tai, khing ching n wei keat) to mid valley.. just to watch fantastic 4. lolx. well. it was fun hangging out with them.. we were whining up n down bout our lecturers n gossiping bout people. haha.

after that i went school. to meet up with xian. we went to see unggul cheer but saw nothing cuz they were having sukan tara then. so yea. oh n i flew.! haha.. yea mann. with seng ang n dinie as my base. hehe..

went to check my mail.. bloody hell.. my com studies lecturer sent us all an email bout our assignment. 84 questions weih. luckily it was a group work.


slacked the whole morning n afternoon.. i have a 5 minutes speech for public speaking, a quiz for math, and computer studies test on monday, tuesday n saturday respectively.. BUT .. all i did was laze around. haha..

at night went to meet up with minli, hafiz n leroy. hafiz came back from malacca for the weekend. so hafiz obvoiusly brought his girl along. liang hoong joined us too. with his girl.. =) min li n i bought the same shirt.. it says.

hehe. dinner was sucky. but we had fun updating each other.

*min li and i*

*us again*

*and again*

*hafiz n mechell*

*liang hoong and his girl*

*hafiz n i*

*leroy who refuses to have his picture taken cuz of his hair*

suppose to go cheer 2007 with min li.. but i once agian ffk-ed.. hehe. sorry.. i went temple instead. yea. so then.. for once. us.. the seniors cam-whored a lil.. hehe.. we kinda had fun.. sian hoo was like. i wanna go cheer. *actually i was surprised to see him there*
*photos of seniors cam-whoring. will be uploaded soon.*

i only started doing my speech after i'm done watching the song composing competition on astro aec. which is bout 1030 pm. i like the song that got first place.. lolx!

yes. my speech was a screw up shit .. oh weell. forget it. haha.

i have no mood at all to study.. to sleepy to do so.. almost fell asleeep in d library. but eventually i didnt larh.. quiz was okay..

wednesday.. today. =)
i'm currently in uni's lab. so yea. my internet line at home died AGAIN..
oh n i just got back my computer studies random quiz.. didnt study a single thing.. and to my surprised.. i score a 39 out of 80!. haha. i know. the highest was 61.. so not that bad.. whee!. okay. it sux totally. i'm having another exam this saturday. so .. wish me luck.!

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