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Friday, February 26, 2010

reunion dinner no. TWOOOOO.

i didnt miss reunion dinner number two laahh. just that this is really important to blog about it cuz they meant alot to me. so. good things always comes in the end kan?

it's also an excuse to keep away from assignments FOR THE MOMENT. speaking of assignments and midterm. 2nd assignment due is on monday and 1st midterm paper's on monday. and it goes on one after another for the rest of the month of March.
i haven start on the assignment due on monday. FML much..
not related to the title.


when you're away from your family, the best thing to have around you is best friends. they're my super awesome when the real super awesome is away. but but i still love the boyf. (:

anyway. OUR reunion dinner in kampar. great environment, great company.

focus is on yee kiat's 'EARS'.
even the waiter who took this photo laughed.


the girls. my besties.

us again. 

another group photo.

final group photo.
am super loving this one.


it's just like any other ordinary dinner we always have but this time it's a full table. 
wondering why're we dressed up just for a dinner in KAMPAR?? lol. for the fun of it. 

for more photos on the FOOD *yummy* check out my facebook. (:

note to boyf: sorry i cant make it for your open house and your convocation. ): ): ): cuz you forbid me to go back. ): i know. its for my good. so that i can do my assignment and study for my midterms kan?. teehee. there's other chance still. sooo you enjoy yourself ler. ily. imu much. 

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