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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

reunion dinner no.1.

its the CNY week. thus my classmates all decided to have our very own reunion dinner. it was fun hanging out with them.

there was total 20 of us gathered at Restaurant Kam Ling, Kampar. why there? i dont know either. hahaa. but but it's the people that matters kan?

lou sang. definitely. 

and the mess after it. :D

fried egg. 

thai style chicken

marmite pork ribs

metal plate tauhu. 
*direct translation laah*

loh hon zhai.

steamed fish

hoi dai ye. 
sea coconut jelly for dessert.

the theme: green 

theme: Yellow

groupmates. <3

Chi Fong. <3

Sze Ting. <3

*note: the photos below, rights to Winnie Bok*
Group Photo. <3

even our ex-tutor was invited. 

the girls.

that was also the 1st night i was out till 5am. and had friggin 5 rounds of cherios. 
2nd round: Universe Cafe,
3rd round: Law's place, 
4th round: 21st, 
5th round: Ghany. 

ooh one helluva night. lovess.

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