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Wednesday, February 3, 2010


mood report: moody. 

i don't know why. just super moody. prolly sore throat's fault.
while brushing my teeth just now gum bleed like super alot. effing freaked me out weih. the amount of blood. ): booh.

i need a new set of retainer. the current set macam mau patah edi.

note to self: MUST MUST go to the ATM tomorrow. or else i'm prolly gonna owe Winnee a fortune. haha.

today was another super long day in uni. class was 12-2, 2-3 then 5-6.30. the weather was killing me. all those walkings are killing me too. plus the weather changes like within a blink of an eye. one moment its HOTHOTHOT then when it's about evening, the rain will pour like cats and dogs. super potong kan?

and and the parking in uni ar. i tell yoouu..

damn pek cek wan lorr. dah lah parking system use balloting. you lucky you get. not lucky enough park eastgate walk to block H which was quote Grace Tan, 13 minutes walk. under the hot scorching sun.
and then hor.. even if you have the sticker, there's no parking!. who laa so smart allocate 100 parking lots for block G, H and I? *100 is estimation laahh. not so sampat to count the lots one by one.

besides that you have to follow the guard's instruction. they'll stand in front of the certain entrance and make you do U-turns to park at the other blocks saying there's no more parking lots in front.. abit the ridiculous lorr. due to ignorance of some foolish idiots who smartly placed their car by the junction or etc blocking the traffic. super dumb weih.

ookay. end of ranting. haha.

now to bed. damn sleepy weih. and i have to recover.
sore throat please dont come back kay. promise me.

did i mention,
KRIS ALLEN IS COMING TO KL!!!!!.. but i cant go. boooooo.. 



kenwooi said...

walking under the sun can be crazy.. so damn hot these days.. =P

yinli said...

haha. exactly!!. especially when the sun bites. super hot!.