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Friday, February 5, 2010


today ber-mood to blog. so a very very outdated post. actually not THAT outdated laah. one week ago oni mer. :D

one fine afternoon randomly Winnee told me during tutorial i think. we're going to Tualang for dinner tonight with Chia Hui and Xi Shun's classmates. so Tualang it is.

where's Tualang? it's inside Malim Nawar. no idea where's Malim Nawar. fine. in between Kampar and Batu Gajah. still no idea? GOOGLE IT LAAH. the truth is. i dunno how to attach the map here. *shy* BUT that's irrelevant. (:

now the food. 
'or jian' uhm fried oyster. 
not really recommended thou. hehe. still okay laah. 

paku vege fried with belacan. yummy!!. 

pork ribs. 

garlic steam fish. yummers!!. 

last but not least. PRAWNS!!. is a must. 

the ending mess. (:

notice some of the photos are different? cuz it's not taken by my 5.0. lol. that day 5.0 abit cacat dunno why. so those edited ones are from Winnee.

now the people. 

Yuli, Ting Ting, Ji Ling and Filly.

foundation mates. 
Xi Shun, Chia Hui, Boon Pien and Xin Yi

Kok Han, Winnee and yours trully

met birthday boy, Yong Wei there. 

the restaurant name: 

there's alot alot of restaurants there in that row of single storey shoplots. their prices differs too. but a course of 7 dishes plus tea and rice laah duhh. is about 20-30 per person.

so. yupyup. do pay a visit there if you're on the way up north using the coastal way that is (uhm the old road). (:

after dinner the 5 of us (Chia Hui, Xi Shun, Kok Han, Winnee and I) headed to Ipoh for a movie. TOOTHFAIRY. hillarious much.

it's another great time spent with the besties.


bendan said...

Hi~pass by^^want eat ohjian go lumut or P.pangkor eat...very nice 1...last friday i also go ipoh watch tooth fairy,the movie iS funny~

yinli said...

hi bendan. (: lumut abit far ler travel from kampar. haha. one day will go ler. haha. i was in ipoh on thursday. haha yupyup. it's funny. UTAR student as well?

bendan said...

kampar go lumut is about one and half hour like that only..xixi~yaya,but is foudation only..

yinli said...

one and half hour is super long for a meal of dinner. haha. oh ookay. so it's your last paper today?

©haryene said...

i saw my housemates and foundation classmates inside da photos. :D

yinli said...

charyene: yes hun. hahaha.

bendan said...

ya..yesterday last paper,but today only back hometown^^

yinli said...

bendan: owh ookay. then enjoy your holidays. (: said...

haha.. nice to meet u!
i come in becoz i saw my bestie inside!
ADRIANO lah!!!haha...
happy CNY lah!
n 1st time visit, nice to meet u lah.. hehe...

yinli said...

hi, haha. oh him!. haha my besties too. (: happy CNY!!. nice to meet you too.