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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

it's vegas yo!.

it's week 2 already. today's like the only day i stay in uni for so damn long. haha. seriously.
all my classes are like 4 hours class, then 3 hours break and 1.5 hours of tutorial. sohai betul. 
2 hours of class then 3 hours break and 1.5 hours of tutorial. 

it's utar kampar. 3 hours of staying in uni is uhm. hahhaaaaaaa.. normally we go take a nap. then back to uni. :D 

anyhow. PHOTOS. 

we were bored laaah there were plenty of time to kill. so we hung out at the booth.

Winnee's work of 'art'. XD 

a lil more cacated. hehee. *click to enlarge.* 

guess who's finger? 


us. (: 

went for dinner with Calvin and Hung Wan for the 1st time after attending the same lecture for one and a half year. haha. so. PHOTOS. (:

the people: 


Hung Wan


the FOOD!!: 

cheese something something. Winnee says okay lerr. 

Calvin's Obama chicken burger.

my fish burger. am loving the sauce. (:

Hung Wan's Obama. 

the portion is huge and the price is reasonable. range between RM7.50- RM11.90. the taste is there too.  

'finall  place where food can be eaten' (Winnee, 2009) 

i think it's only available in Kampar lorr. so you want you come. (: 

it's Vegas!!

some may think it's a lil pricey for burger. there's always a 2nd choice and a cheaper choice of Ramly burger. yupyup. it's good too. 

omg. i think there's something wrong with my phone. rawrrrrr.. 

it commit suicide by falling down from the tissue box above the stationary box. 
now there's two extra lines at the bottom left corner of the screen. stoopid. 

oh and the cut on my arm. LAGI STOOPID. 

note to self: be less clumsy. oh and compromise more. 


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