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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

o r i e n t a t i o n

it's orientation day today.

FYI: i'm currently a STUDENT. studying in UTAR.

orientation was boorrrriiiinnnngggggggg..... luckily i have yi ling there. meng wai drove us to college. basically since we do not really practically know where is our block.. he almost over shot. it was what. 7.45 n d que was friggin looooooonng....

yi ling n i was like talking n talking till wan kien came. n the conversation continues.. it's a good thing to b early. cuz. if we came any later. we'll be sun bathing. lolx.

then.. the orientation thingi was killing us.

1. the chair was uncomfortable
2. the projector was put too high up. so have to strain our necks just to see it.
3. the way they speak. there was practically one person who speaks proper english.
4. the way they conduct it is just plain boring..

okay. enuf of the complainings. hehe.

i came out early anyway.. went 1u for lunch with yi ling, yann shun, n kah weng. picked up shu yee too.

at night... *drum rolls*

as good students of mrs tan, math tuition teacher..

hong yee, julian, jovy, rayner, yein mun, rachel n i , went to visit her. =) then we all went for dinner at ming tien with teacher n her 2 granddaughters, phoebe n alyssa. rayner din join us cuz he was broke broke.

then the 6 of us went to pet shop. rachel discovers 'superworm' n seems to be really facinated with it. =)

there's no photos. because. no one brought camera.

random photos n event n people i miss. ..

days without braces...

miss them loads..


christmas party. at rachel's

my bday dinner. at tgif


yi ming.

kit weng n gabriel.

justin n brian.

what do you see in this photo.?


tansianhoo said...

beta sakit hati ler
hmmp !

yinli said...

more to come my mann.. tak payah sakit hati.