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Monday, May 14, 2007

i'm a happpyy girl..

i'm a happy girl. lalala~.

okay. hehe. a lil high. =)

hmm. have you ever get the feeling when something good happens.. something bad will definately come along?..

yup. i'm experiencing that at the moment.

*turn back time to 14/05/2007*

it was bout 10pm. my brother just came back from swimming training n i just came back from fren's house.
was sitting at the dining table eating.. n talking to daddy n mummy.

so then. my brother was walking towards the basin.

me / dad / mom / brother / sister

me : OH NO!. *stares at bro*
dad, mom & bro : *pause wateva they're doing n stare at me.*
me : *walk towards bro n pull him right beside me* see!.
dad & mom : *laughs* boy, suddenly tall d. why ar? training?
bro : *evilgrin* i'm taller!!. can bully you d..
me : NO!!!!...
sis : what what what??? *from the living room*

repeated the whole height measuring thing again..

dad, mom, sis n bro : *lol*
whereas me, i walk away..


i love them all. =)

this is my last week working.. = /
bye bye cute subway guy.. bye bye hot korean n jap guys.. no more almost weekly yong tou foo which i;m bored of now.. whee~.. no more sample n free products... no more random walks to hartamas.. no more free lunch. no more free magazines.. no more facing the computer the whole day.. no more staying inside the office which is freezing cold.. no more hot international skol guys. ...

hello college.

1 comment:

jave said...

HaHa! always in a good mood eh? its cool to b happy oways n u arent really tall:p hehe jkjk lol Hakuna Matata! gtg bb!