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Friday, January 16, 2009

hickery dickery dock.

the mouse went up the clock.

2009. new year.

a sum of december!. and my last week in pj. before going to kampar.

'love me youth' camp. 爱我青年.
i'm no where to be found in the photo cuz i was at the dorm. boo.
taken from jave.

'hong yee's emo party/ julian's surprise everyone party'
taken from rayner. i think. or was it belle?..

xian's surprise birthday. (:
taken from tiff.

girls outing/ xian's bday.
from sann.

sian hoo's 19th.

and another one.

disney thingy in nxz.
from sann.

unggul cheerleaders seniors '06.

karaoke session. screaming shouting laughing. catching up.
aha. liyan!. our sha gua. 傻瓜. && our awesome finale!.
as retarted as we seem. we still loves each other.

i miss you babes..

there's still missing alot of photos..
movies with hongyee and leslie, hongyee and yiling's birthday party. and sann's bday dinner. and and. umm. i cant remember.



i didnt have much problem adapting back to the life here. started lecture classes.

haha. here i go againn...

i like my timetable. (: it's not that bad lahh. 6-8pm on monday. harhar.
wednesdays free and my friday's class ends at 12.30pm. cool ei?

oh!. my new found bff. meng leong. ze junior is addicted to sun wu kong. and planining to walk/jog to ipoh or teluk intan. i mean seriously?.. LOL.

1st week is always free cuz there's no tutorials. thereforee..

the friends decided to go check out the new karaoke place in kampar. besides the canggihness of the song selection thingy. others cannot be compared to redbox or neway.
it's touch screen yo!. and we only paid rm5.50 for 2 hours.


come to kampar lahhh.

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