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Thursday, October 2, 2008

heloooo. (:

i'm happy.

i went away. whee~.

not exactly away la. just a trip back to sitiawan. mom's hometown.

soo photos!.
day 1
first stop was :
yes yes. back to the nature me love..

attemp #1
fail. cuz 'camera-man-of-the-day' boooo...

attemp #2.
failed again..
camera man's fault. blehh

haaha!. i rock!. woohoo..

they were super mean that day.. boo them. stoopid rice joke. hmph.

after all the cleaning and etc. we went to the beach. also known as teluk batik. fun it was. watching those kids. lol.

our favourite seafood place has just down graded themselves. ):

basically what i did after dinner.

day 2.
after bfast we left sitiawan.

on the way to bidor to visit my relative.

hibiscus outside her place in bidor.

after that..
my 3rd uncle randomly ask us go eat fish. in rawang.
guess who we met there.

jeng jeng jeng..
jason. from the show 'taste with jason'.

chey. no biggie wert. it's just a host for a food show.
but but. he interviewed us. um some of us.

cuz our table has 7 people all under 20. my sis n i are the older people. and remaining 5 are kids below 14.

my uncle ordered SEVEN fishes for our table. one for EACH of us.

so the host was like. whoa you all can finish ar. well. i was surprised too. yes we finished the seven fishes on the table. (: bangga sial..

and then horr.. when we're about to leave hor..

she was asked to do something. watch and you'll know. lol. really entertaining.
she was wearing my shirt. hee.

last but not least..
photo of the day. (:

lets do it again!. soo fun. it's filled with laughter and stupidity thoughout.

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