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Sunday, March 16, 2008

disguise and deny

i'm soo sorry for not updating you blog. do not hate me for that. (:

once again. another hectic week has past.

i almost missed my finance mid term paper. went for TWO movies. spent hell lotsa money. attended barbeque party. and killer dance training.

thanks to my escorts/ driver/ bodyguards, chia hui, xi shun and ronald. three of them were finding any possible opportunity to tease me.

shun almost got us all late for exam. exam was at 2.30pm and he told us 3.30. we were still eating at ss3 at 2.10pm. manage to rush in and not be the last to enter the exam room. cant deny that ron has skills. (:

movies!. yea it was emo day and i had to watch movie. it's school holiday and i dislike it. the tickets all ran out rast. so we couldnt watch the movie we wanted to watch. ended up with MINOTAUR and FLOOD. i would rate minotaur as a low budget cheap movie, 1.5/5. as for flood. um. kinda boring. it's like the remake of tsunami.. except that it's hitting london 2.5/5.

spending money on useless movies. goshh. saddening weih.

i like food. organized a barbeque party for the the temple people. it was fun as we had barbequed lala and prawn!. had our very own chef preparing the food for us. not forgetting karaoke, sparkling juices and surprise birthday cake for monkey and zi hui. HAPPY BIRTHDAY you both.
due to lack of rest and water. i'm suffering from sore throat now. boohoo.

the dance teacher taught us more basic dance moves. which means more ballet!. almost broke our legs after that. 'you guys need more streching!' but. it's fun. and worth it.

yes i know.
but still i'm gonna deny it.
as it just wont work.

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