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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Balls and All


The other day Stephanie msn to ask if I was interested to attend a food review on Balls and All. At first I was like. WHATTT?? it sounded kinda wrong lah okay. balls. ROFL.

after she explained what Balls and All is about, without hesitation I said yes. Ask my housemates to accompany me.

Balls and All is NEW in Kampar. Its an Italian fast snack. You must be thinking.

Italian + snack = ??  errrr.. weird?

it's traditional Italian food rolled into a ball shape, so that it can be served quickly and it's easy to carry around  as a snack or a quick meal. how convenient!.

in other words, it's MEATBALLS. delicious tender juicy meat balls. every single meatball served is hand rolled. topped with sauce of your choice. yumms. oh did i mention?  they uses “Italia recipes” to ensure the true italian taste in every single bite. 

1. the menu. 

2. clock wise from top right: 
 Riso Alle Erbe Aglio (Garlic Herb Rice) topped with pepper sauce; 
Parma PollePalle (Parma Chicken Ball)
& Arancini Risotto (Vege Ball) topped with Cheese sauce

personally love this combination. 

3. Aglio Pure di Patate (Garlic Mashed Potato) topped with Pepper Sauce

4. closer look at the Vege Ball. 

5. the inside of Chicken Ball. 
looking good eih?  
*credits to Stephanie

6. Italian Vegetable Soup

7. Polpette di carne di manzo ( Beef Meatballs )
my version of this wasn't nice. haha. *shy

8. Agnello Palle ( Lamb Balls )
another yummy choice. love the rich lamb taste. 

9. Reward Card. 

10. the back of the reward card. 
you'll get a lil man face scribbled every time you visit there. then you'll get a reward. :D
easy peasy. 

Personally, I like the Chicken Balls and the Vege Balls. oh oh top it with CHEESE sauce!!. yumms. 

important note: DO NOT. i repeat. DO NOT. look down on the portion. 

11. Thank you dearies for keeping me company. :D

12. Thank for the invitation, Stephanie.

13. With the oh-so-friendly boss, Aven. 
14. ze location map. 
now now. more reasons to come to Kampar?? :D

for more reviews on this:

PS: get discount vouchers from me. :D just drop me a mail at or leave a message at the comment section. 

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Xiaopei said...

You're most welcome! I'm going to try the new ball later with my housemate :D :D