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Saturday, November 13, 2010

how've you been? + bday shoutout

Few days ago, Monday to be exact, Winnee asked if I want to go for Ah Yong's restaurant thingy i dont know what it is called exactly. but yeah. it's part of his practical throughout his studies in KTAR. so yea. We went together with Chia  Hui and Xi Shun.

We kinda got lost while looking for the restaurant. LOL. And it was our 1st time attending such event.

1. Table Setting

2. Chia Hui

3. Xi Shun

3. Winnee
love the stare. :P

4. Cream of dragon fruits served with garlic bread
it taste soo much like mushroom soup. pizza hut style. 
you can barely taste the existence of dragon fruit.

5. Grilled prawn and fish with Hollandaise sauce and mixed vegetables
somewhat. took us sometime to figure out. 
it taste quite like Otak-Otak. LOL

6. Caesar Salad
they went a lil overboard with the croutons. 
it was too burnt that the taste actually spoil the salad. it tasted bitter. :/ and. ahah. too much cheese. 
too much cheese + mayo = too much saltiness. 

7. Baked chicken Maryland with rice pilaf,saute auburgine,broccoli and cauliflower
The sauce and rice was okay. but. not the chicken maryland. sorry. 

8. some longan dessert. 
didn't get the name properly. *shy
but I was filled to nicely enjoy it.

coffee / tea

cost for the meal = RM 14, 
cost for hanging out with friends = PRICELESS.

Although we're all in the same University, it's been quite sometime since we've met each other. except for Winnee and I laa we're in the same class. 

This happens to high school and primary school friends. How've you guys been? (: Manage to get back in touch with few of you and it felt really good. 

Everyone's been busy with their agendas and we've all grown apart. as for the others. it's been sometime. 

if you're reading this. Lets meet up and hang out sometime k? 

*pardon me for the low quality photos. heh. 

on another note. 

Happy Birthday 
yoyo superstar / future aircraft engineer
Ewin korkor.

9. our friendship page on facebook shows this as our friendship photo.
sad kan? 
ini kerana we tak pernah ambil gambar bersama-sama. 

10. got la. one. 
 group photo haha.

here's a video to show you how geng he is. 


and and. 

big big face. 
so hard to find suitable photo of you laa. 
i curi from facebook. :P
credits to SmashpOp

Happy 22nd birthday!. 
may you sweet sweet with my sister and then i can get angpau.
*hint hint*

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