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Thursday, October 28, 2010


According to the ever so trusted Wikipedia, procrastination refers to the counterproductive deferment of actions or tasks to a later time.

I think someone should set up a degree course in that. I can definitely score 4.0 CGPA. lol.

it's been close to two weeks since holiday ended. yet. i'm still slacking. urgh. there's so much thoughts i wanted to blog about but. there's just not much photos to spice em up. boo.

well here's some of the things i did over the holidays. might blog about outdated things on occasion thou. like my birthday. A MONTH AGO. =.=

I was at Hard Rock Hotel yo!!.
trying to be ghetto phail.

farewell party for some of our UTAR friends.

feelin' so fly like a G6~
yeap. went to G6. 

and Fullhouse @ Giza

had 'moo-moo' burger @ Fat Spoon
further recommendation will be in the next post. :D
photo credit to Kiddult

family dinner @ Tony Romas.
he's 16 and i'm 20. 
go figure the event.
photo credit to my sister.

Derek's 21st birthday dinner.
mehh i'm not gonna talk about history nao. :P
photo credit to Smashpop

and and.
Cameron trip just last weekend.
super like this shot.
credits to Chee Hoe

now. pending posts. 
1. birthday
2. semester break
3. Fat Spoon Cafe *yumms

shall update when i got the mood. :D or. comment on which post you'd wanna read 1st. 

till then. stay tune.


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