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Saturday, September 11, 2010

spilling it out.

it's been an awesome week back home. now i miss home terribly. ): although i stayed home everyday. still. i miss home. cuz i was never alone those days. woke up with bfast on the table, and a brother to disturb who would accompany me for lunch everyday. the noises around makes me feel warm and not alone.

at first i regret going back cuz i will not be able to study at home. BUT i did. however, the progress was VERY VERY VERY SLOW. =.= well at least somewhat did kan?

now that i'm back at the desert or Kampar, i feel lost. it's so quiet here. because i don't live with my friends (long story) and my house mates aren't back yet.

i thought i would've gotten used to the leaving home thing already. it's been 2 years plus. but apparently. i don't know why. it became more intense. probably due to examinations coming up. i haven't been preparing very well. obviously not a good sign. been slacking in the comfort of home. but glad i came back a day earlier. emotional breakdown a day before examinations is not good. fyi: 1st paper starts on Monday. 

anxiety, fear, nervous, stress + compiled tears + home sick = emotional breakdown

there's alot of things i regretted. and also alot of things i'm glad i did it.

well that's life right. what's life without ups and downs?


when you feel like giving up, 

remember why you held on for so long in the first place ,

and the fact that holding on, 

is just a lil while longer. 


Hilda Milda™ said...

Same goes to me. I've been away from home (Sarawak) for one year plus and I think I only went back thrice so far and I'm feeling homesick all the time ):

4 ™ said...

I saw an article and it says procrastination has several reasons, and one of the reasons is that the person who procrastinates is trying to escape from facing difficulty (in our cases, exam is the difficulty) and this person is lacking of confidence. He or she subconsciously want people to think that if he or she is not doing well, it's because he or she has not given it a best shot, not because one is incompetent.

Face your fear :p

yinli said...

Hilda Milda: gosh. yours sound way worst than mine. i do go back at least once a month over the weekend if my timetable allows me to. but this time stayed home a week and it made coming back way worst than the usuals. lol. *hugs*

4: omg. thanks. (: it somewhat helped.