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Thursday, September 9, 2010

what's after funtime?

suddenly in a mood for blogging. :D good also laa. instead of gaming i blog then study. motivation might follow along too. who knows? HAHA.

lets see. where did i left off?..
oh yea. my weekend. approx 3 weeks ago. shy.


GENTINGGGGGG. for a break. hehe. before prepping for finals. half the class decided to go for a break.
okay laa. their main purpose is to head to casino. WHICH. i kenot go in. =.= yes i' m underage.

BUT. i still went in anyway. haha. the guards were busy so i just walked in with my friends. :P

group photos.  all 10 of us. (: 
feels young much cuz we were like KIDS. lol. playing everything in theme park.

Bestfs!!. loves. (:

three of us went clubbing while waiting for the guys to finish their stuffs in casino. 

it was a very very cold night thus we went everywhere in jacket. loving the weather much. 

Jocelyn and King's be earlied birthday. 
now belated laaa. haha. 
fun bonding session with the classmates. 

the night i had a lil too much alcohol. :x 
blame the drinking game.
i miss my highschool mates. 

then it was a night of clubbing. 
Ashleigh, Thien Seng and Chang Wei's birthday. 
another fun night. (: 

OH. didn't mention. i went to TWO hills in TWO consecutive weekends. :D 
genting and Cameron. loves!!!
there's no photos on cameron cuz neither Leslie nor Monica uploaded the photos. 
but it was awesome.  hehe. 

gotta admit. 
i'm growing. 

had too much fun for the past few weeks. so now. i must study. D:

counting down. 14 days. 

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