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Thursday, July 2, 2009


i like today.

the weather's perfect. not too hot not too wet.
but it's gloomy now.
oh well.

i'm starting to love my afternoon naps.
but for today it was a morning nap.
class was at 8-10am. lepas tu. not well so after class. terus sleep.

the boyf surprised me last night for online-ing. totally didnt expect him cuz it's 4something in the afternoon and normally he's still in uni or taking a nap. (: tapi i was too tired to stay up so had to stop chatting at 1am m'sia time.

i miss home.
that night IM-ed mommy to tell her i got sore throat.
and to tell her i got the herbal eggs and donuts.
also have to thank wan kien for delivering it and also aaron!. cuz he drove. haha.
mommy misses me.
cuz keep asking when i'm coming back. hehe..

ohh. xian, wan kien has a boyf. aaron. (: they look really sweet.

i had two cameron trips to choose from.. and going with hong yee, yiling, rayner and the rest has to be the opportunity cost.
cuz mommy miss me and grandma too! sides. i need to visit the dentist.
but but. i'll make it up!. *hugs*

i'm updating cuz i'm doing everything as long as i dun needa do assignment and study.
midterms and deadlines soon.

i'm procrastinating alot.
so not proud of it.

on a random note:
i heart my 3 babis. (:
*refers to the previous post*

oohh. watch this!.

yes. it's queen B. Blair waldorf of gossip girl!.

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