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Sunday, July 19, 2009

what a sunny dayy...

i have soo much to blog about. but i dont know where to start with..


first thing first..
the internet line in my room is down. so lately i've been stealing from upstairs. (:

my midterms are finally over. all is left now is assignments which 2 of it dues this week and another 2 next.

lepas tu..
ohhh.. harry potterrr.. uh.. blehh..
and that cinema.. sucks..
i miss 1u's gsc.. =/
going home next week!. QI's family day. so yea..

happy birthday grandma. sorry i cant be back. mid terms laa.. oh well. you guys had an awesome reunion i know. ):

i didnt mention i had a haircut kan?
well yes i did.
i look like china doll now.
but it's pinned up. cuz cuz i look soooooo weird..

i am being very very unproductive today.. besides badminton an a lil touch up on english assignment and and catch up a lil with my family. not forgetting the boyf too. havent talked to him for sometime since internet when cookoo.

hmm i just found out something.... :D dumdeedumdum~

oh welll. signing out.. toodles..

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