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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

my lips like shugar~

helllooooo. (:

long time no update huh..
i went photo stealing. AGAIN!. hehe..
cuz cuz i'm lazy to edit the photos..

you'll see alof of me. hehe. cuz cuz i know you all miss seeing me.
i am sooo cute!.

*high perasan level*

tcy, me, grace and shi rong. with our strawberry ice sticks. yumms~

our bodyguards. macho kan?

us all!. (: only grace and i weren't in black.

us fooling around while waiting for our turn to bath.
itu titun binti abu. XD

group photos!. (: me fav.

car buddies. hehe.

my ice cream and me!. kiwi & strawberry. passion fruit taste much better nehh... but but it's much much sweeter.

it's special cuz it's a vertical line..

sun-shine. and kelefehs.

me loves!. *kisses

sending leslie off at the ktm..
we heart you low yow chung..

i had an awesome trip.. thanks guys. it was really fun and memorable..
we're gonna be alright.
all of us as a group. 777.

i didnt regret choosing them over highschool friends.
the reasons are more of p&c..
glad it's all good now.

to high school buddies..
so sorry.. you guys had to be opportunity cost..
i'll make it up to you all!. (:

chia hui!. thanks for the dinner.
the honourable chef. slurps.
and also his sidekicks..
babi shirley, babi gracey and titun.. and babi winnee and.. everyone laa. (:

a dinner for 12.

i heart them.

i'm going home this weekend!.
(banana dance)

on a random note...

i wonder when... hmmm..

woot!. CRM and EAP midterms over ddi.
3 more midterms and assignment deadlines coming soon..

all ze best to meself and everyone!.

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