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Monday, November 3, 2008

i was reading some of those emails i received sometime back.. and saw something regarding horoscopes.. and i read this!. okay it's about libra. (: after reading it i was like. whoaa....

Nice to everyone they meet. hmmmm (:
Can't make up their mind. like totally...
Have own unique appeal. maybe?
Creative, energetic, and very social. 1st and 3rd maybe not. but 2nd one. sometimes
Hates to be alone. partially true.
Peaceful, generous. may consider myself that.
Very loving and beautiful. hahaha!.
Flirtatious. possiblee. tak tauuu.
Give in too easily. eheh.
Procrastinators. yes yes yes
Very gullible. *nods*


i took a half day off work. wasnt feeling well after a long day at sentul and having not enough sleep. and then..
obviously made full use of my half day off. by sleeping and watching MAMAMIA!. like finally.. it's awesome!. *loves*

aiyohh. another working day. sooo luh-ay-see.... but i need muhnayy... so work it is. heh.
note to self: stop procrastinating lahhh.

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