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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

i've been M-I-S-S-I-N-G. for a week. heh. been busy. okay that's a lie. no idea what to update. that's also a fake. i'm just lazy to update. heh.

lets see. for the pass two weeks was work and temple meeting as camp is 2 weeks away.
BUT i manage to squeeze in a trip to taiping. *loves* to pick grandma. so. 'on the way' daddy and i went to eat at this coffee shop named 'kakak'. their kuey tiao soup is gooooood. it's a one day trip. so yea that's the best part..



hmm it's still very bery fery long till my 19th. yes i'm 18 la mangoo... but still. on time for christmas. (: donnie goes on a diet for christmas. hmm cool eh.

HTC touch pro. omg.. gorgeous!!. totally love at first sight. it comes with a very pretty price tag. ):

i already have this. it's sooooo adorable.

i've been doing some alot of shopping. like today. i was stranded in damansara utama.
for like 1 and a half hour. thank you traffic jam. i just lurveee you.. NOT.

dad was stuck at shah alam padini as he had presentation. i think i'm eligible to be his PA. heh.
mom was sending the brat for training and also to pick up my sis. sooo. coincidently.. DU has many many boutiques..

so i pergi ber WINDOW SHOPPING. walking into almost every boutique. being a bitch messing up the clothes. correction: it wasnt messed up cuz it's hanged. i browsed thru laaa.. try try try but didnt buy. heh.. you dont have to know. *grins*

soo.. an update. *claps*

all the best to SPM-ers and STPM-ers!.

get well soon. (:

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