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Tuesday, November 25, 2008


it's great meeting up with old friends. whom i lost contact of. ehe.

celine came back from aussie. (: still as chubby as ever. it runs in the chew family.

S-H-E-R-E-E-N.. lol. inside joke..

calvin chin kok leong! remember ur promise. 25 hours!.

the randomest of all. i met kenderick near temple. sooo unexpected.

kenderick me

you look different.
uh. yea mehh..
the braces and..?
yea. i just decided to go for another change.
soo.. hows amanda?
*stares at him with the weird eye stare*
amanda who?
*stared back at me and smile. *
oh.. owhhh.. that amanda... uh.. dunoo.

um you may not understand. eh min. recall anything? jing was laughing when i told him bout that.

oh and jing!. (: hello..
i had a great time. thanks weih.

XIANNIE... whens our turn?

oh boy.. december... you're fast.

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