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Friday, December 5, 2008

for the past 10 days. it's uh. work work work.. so um. yea. that explains the lack of updates. (: um. yea. so. photos!

was doing this and i got bored. this is where melyssa comes in. (: we went to hotel equatorial on friday only to find out, we cant do anything there. soooo.. we went to chill at coffee bean. treat from wai sheong. uh derek. mel named him that.

later that day i had starbucks. with daddy. it's a buy one free one coupon from the sun papers. so. both starbucks and coffee bean in a day. that's life weih!.

the ice carved swans from the wedding at the ballroom.

it's made of real biscuits weih. and the cream too!. it's blardy hell edible!!.

that's practically on display only larh.

very cute kan? this was before they changed it into hilux as there was some expedition there.

rudolph the red nose rain deer~ have a very shiny nose~..

nah see!. it's red!!.

one of the restaurants.

tea break. (: the strawberry yoghurt cake tasted awesome...

my glass of wine.

mel and i. the apartment klcc.

ron's finger. and the cups.
melissa and ronald wanted to make me drunk. lol. so we went to happy hour after the party at the lounge. wai sheong left after the party cuz he was too tired. we went to klcc. and then. someone showed up. heee. and we went for movie. TWILIGHT!!.

it's day 2 and all of us were tired. after late nights and happy hours.


wai sheong..
uncle donnie. *grins*

the top of the christmas tree. beauty isn't it.

this little thing gave us entertainment.

flowers. from the wedding. uh. in other words. they recycled it.

working wasnt the best part of course. the best-est best part was free hotel stay and buffet lunch and dinner. *two thumbs up* the food was good larh definately. and i didnt forget. girls talk and advice from the older people.. *cough* mel and don *cough*

oh and..


melyssa is from DJ too!. she's 8 years my senior. small world..


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