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Saturday, December 27, 2008

unbelievable but fcukin true!.

class is starting in 2 weeks weih. its. TWO WEEKS. omg. 3 months is like damn fast. super duper fast.

being there was hard. the environment. the people. the everything. it was hard to get used to it. 1st day there i remember. was damn emo lahh. the good thing is. i have a great bunch of friends. after all that happened.

coming back was even worst. packing and cleaning. it WAS fun. at first. but leaving the lifestyle you just got used to is not fun at all.

packing and unpacking. damn. i hate that.

hmm out with the sads in with the happy-s. wtf.

i'm gonna make this short and sweet.

met up with some friends. had fun. hang out. catch up. yup. basically that. i definately will miss.

the year is ending pretty soon.

have fun!.

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