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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

you're so cute, terrence

i'm back in kampar. (: and i'm unwell. which explains part of my PM. speechless. mom thought i have no voice. lol. yes my mom uses msn. so now i pray hard hard she dont read my blog. haha.

met kaishan at management office last week and he was telling me bout a friend whom he haven't been keeping in touch with texted him out of the blue. which reminded me.

i too received calls from people i seldom talk to after coming to kampar. and i have to appologize. hee. cuz when you call i was still in kampar. and when i was back didnt hav time to meet up cuz cny maa. was going around.

jing chen. you called on the day i was going back pj. tapi sorry. i couldn't make it.
hong yee. i was at my aunts place. sides you have places to go lah. lol.
jian yau. (you need a cheerful colour) dont emo lahhh. haha. wrong timing. i was going out to see my lil babies. hehe.

now.. my lil babies. teresa and terrence. *refering to the title*

soo adorable. i only see them once a year.


and another one.

the siblings. and MY mom.

hehe. i finished it. (: eiyerr. cny mahh. wont die wan. hehe.

i know it's valentines this saturday. and i have midterms. and i dont have a date.

boy.. this is sooo fun. and i'm looking forward to it.



tuning to: speechless- the veronicas

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