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Thursday, February 26, 2009


i've abandonned my blog long enough. hee.
been BUSY with assignments, midterms and procrastination. yup. procrastination
sides. my MSN dieded. so i wont be going online anytime sooner.
anything just text or mail or skype me!. (: my skype's working. thank god!.

i've been up to nothing much. just classes and peoples. exactly the things i need to keep my mind off stuffs. *grins*

lately alot happenned. many things changed. mostly to the not so nice side. honestly. i have no idea why izit happenning. probably i said something wrong and didnt realise it. i guess things just change. *shrugs*
let it be.. let it be..
maybe that's the worst thing to do but i dont know what to do. so for the moment. just leave it to fate and time.

a smile is a frown turned upside down.
cheer up folks!.

ON THE OTHER HAND.. *puts on the cheer face* imisscheer. ):
happy notes!.

shuei lin's 20th birthday at pizza hut. kampar of course.
i curi-ed my fren's DSLR. photos didnt turn out to be very nice. not skillful enough i admit.

the couple. *pang and shuei lin*

group photo!. don't hav to spot me cuz i'm not in.


grace, shirley, shuei lin and i. just like foundation times.

NEXT UP: hot, obscenic, candid photos. (:

grace. candid but still hot.

and again.

another one..

darling winnee and grace. camera shy. awww...

this is outta the title but. nvm laa.

*KC, pang and shuei lin*

grace TAN. sniffing the piggy's butt.

darling shirley. modeling in practice.

all-girls' group photo.

damn CMI lor.. to seduce or not. lol.

camera shy? yea rite.. *john and grace*

it wasn't as wrong as it seems.

poser babe. (:

she's good at the 'killer' look.

um. somehow quite nice lor. hee.

rape attempt. failed definately.

convincing. i think.

girls will always be girls. (:

get well soon hun. *hugs*

lastly. my happy face!.

cuz i'm in love.


pOT@tO said...

updated adi yea...
sum how i like those pics...
those candid...
but hor...i'm not sniffing d pig's butt ler...
juz wanna hide from d camera nia..
thought u din capture it de...
mana tau...*faint*...
like tis post..
coz our happy memories r there..^^

yinli said...

yupyup. (: haha itu panggil candid.

we should take more photos outings huh.

butt sniffing. haha.

me likey too. will give you the photos soon.


Anonymous said...

owwwmaigot.. so many yok suen de photos geh~ haha~ miss tat day all being hao po~ haha~

yinli said...

haha. nvm laa. all of us no xing xiang already wert.
the 'RAPE' attempt. was fun laa. damn funny. and you laa.
well. not all the time can hao maa.