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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

block stacking

a very simple game of blocks of 3 stacked in opposite direction. all you have to do is to remove one block at a time and stack it on the top. the one who pulls the last block before the tower falls is the loser.

sounds simple eh? the trick is not to let the tower fall. so aim for the loose blocks as it's easier to be removed. risk adverse (finance jargon). there's always times when there's no other blocks to remove and you can't diversify risk (finance jargon again) then there's no choice but to take up the risk.

i've got to start thinking like a finance person. if not i'll prolly ph-ail my finance papers. which i do not want to.

been feeling like a hypocrite lately. i dont know why. prolly due to all the happenings around. i can condemn others on their behavior yet sometimes i act the same. why ah?

there's just way too much going on around the beloved oneS. you know who you are.

on a happier note. it's mid of week 2. heading home this weekend for be earlied father's day celebration. :D

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