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Saturday, June 5, 2010

Wesak Day '10

day two of uni was. haha. okay laah. gotta get used to attending classes. at least that keeps me occupy. but my timetable ain't that pretty. i have the 3 hours gap on monday, 2 hours lecture class ONLY on tues and wed and friday, 3 tutorial class with 30 minutes and 90 minutes break in between. okay laa. at least friday's class ends early. 

okay that's not this post is supposed to be about. 

since it's semester break, i thought i should contribute this very day to the temple as they needed help. and i haven't been an active member since step down and moving to kampar. 

was placed under the stage crew. or at least thats what i think i should call it. i'm only useful when there's something going on on the stage. ie: opening ceremony, prize giving etc. other time i spend saying hello to people and taking photos. 

the backdrop. 

who doesn't cam-ho? (:

before the whole thing start. 

among the things sold that day. 

the crowd starts coming in and everyone started working.

ppl all working edi you all still can take photos. *shake head* 

iStalk. (: 


it's being promoted all over the place.

serious discussion going on there.

car stickers. 

there's always funny things to be done. 

this was before it got really dirty due to the rain. 

there. see another funny face.

my only source of food that day. damn nice can?

the decoration up in the main shrine.
pretty no?

must bath buddha. 

moi. uhm. hehe. steal chicken a while. 

still manage to smile after a long day of work.
credits to Eric Chiang.

more photos available on facebook. 

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ohmywtf said...

a very noble act :-)