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Friday, June 18, 2010

dimsum bfast @ Foh San, Ipoh

it's alright to take a break

wednesday morning. most of our classes starts in the afternoon or late morning. and with Ronald and his girlfriend, Suk Wein's visit, dimsum breakfast is sorta like a must. (: thus the famous Foh San Restaurant in Ipoh.

it's been a while since we all meet up thou. it even applies to us in kampar. different courses, busy schedule, final year samore. we seldom meet up except for birthday dinners. 

AANYWAYYYY back to the topic. BREAKFAST!. yummy!!

table settings. 

were suppose to leave at 7am. BUT. FF, aka. Jerry couldn't wake up. we ended up leaving at 7.45am.
luckily we were still early manage to get a table straight away.

round 1.

this got us surprised.
glutinous rice chicken. or lo mai kai wrapped with pau.
it's was so so laa. but very special.

the chinese pizza, came with its sauce. in a red bell pepper. 
unique taste. some may not like it thou.

round 2.

there was alot more than those in the photos. busy eating laah. hehe. and there wasn't sufficient place to put all the food on the table. 

soo. what's a meet up without group photos??

settings tak betul.

ze leng luis. (: *loves*
Grace Lee, Grace Tan, Winnee, yours truly, Suk Wein

ze leng *cough* zhais. :P
John, Ronald, Xishun, Yong Chee, Jerry, Chia Hui and Vin

all of us. 
(mann. the photos all looked sooo pixelated. rawr)

although. we obviously ain't tourist. but a group photo here. is 'iconic'. 

don't forget to take a a group photo with this:

the whole building.

oh. we also received souvenir.

no explanation needed.

more photos click here

51, Jalan Leong Sin Nam,
30300 Ipoh Perak.

food raring: 8/10
environment: 8/10 
service: it's self service. 
price: overpriced a lil dim sum is liddat wan. once in a while nvm lah.

next up. i.. don't know yet. so keep coming back!.


Lindy said...

Woots!! All the dim sum looks yummy!! :D

Mike Yip said...

Miss eating at this place.
Think I'll make a trip back to Ipoh jsut to purposely line up at 6am to eat dim sum here. :p

yinli said...

Mike Yip: haha. yeap!. the old one more feel. new one is more commercialized. oh well. haha. enjoy your trip!. if you were to go back there lah. (:

chaileing said...

Fohsan now have Facebook,welcome go to like ths page:!/pages/fu-shan-cha-lou-Foh-San-Restaurant-Sdn-Bhd/170747559615856