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Sunday, June 20, 2010

daddy's day

i can't be bias and wrote a post for mother's day and not for father's day kan. so here's a father's day post. hehe.

 taken 3 years ago. on father's day dinner at decanter. 
click here for the post. you'll see my used to be long long hair.

my daddy is 53 years old and has a big big round stomach. its not that big laah. hehe. daddy is balding. he has more white hair than people elder than him. but i love daddy. daddy cooks me nice food.  daddy lets me drink. lalala~ daddy CAM-HOs with me!.


i'm a very fillial daughter *cough* haha. but couldn't be home for mother's day and father's day. not on purpose lah. just that mother's day was final examinations and father's day. my assignment load sky high!. CAN DIE. 

sides. not only on father's day you can show your love to your fathers kan? i'm sure daddy knows. cuz i'm the one who follows him EVERYWHERE. hahaaa. we spent the most time together compared to my siblings. :P 

happy father's day to daddy and all the father's out there. 

lotsa love. 
me. (: 

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