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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

le family and the tragedy.

while the boyf is still sleeping.. i'mma blog.
wanted to blog about it on the day itself but.


it was a saturday. daddy and chea picked me up. and head to taiping.
to pick up grandma and to pray. grandpa's anniversary.

grandpa and uncle must be having a feast up there, with the amount of food prepared for prayers.
everyone from everywhere brought something back for prayers.

the super full table. (:

quote cyndi. next time must prepare eno for them. with the amount of food there. lol.

the family. part of them..

and another one. <3

the 19 years ago family potrait.
i'm in there!. inside mommy. hehe..

grandma's 80th birthday. hmm. yes. 8 years ago.
we were so young.. haha.

soooo. that's end of my familia post. (:


dear james,

you prolly dont know me. but. no offence. your image in my head is a hyperactive, noisy, attention seeker wannabe.
BUT. you're still a great guy.
didnt get to know you personally. but you're a famous one.

it's sad to hear that news about the waterfall incident.
may you rest in peace.

and also the other two unfortunate victims.
rest in peace.
you will be missed.


i have a midterm on thursday. pengajian malaysia. i need much of lucks. (:

have a great week..

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