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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Lata Kinjang


i have abandoned you long enough. poor thingg. *sayang*

the last post is on trip to taiping. and this week is about lata kinjang with the boyf, LAST saturday!.
another past post. hee..

anyway. saturday.
that morning both of us went for brunch at yau kee. for curry chicken bread. yumms..
because he hasn't tried before.
lepas tu. suddenly plan to go lata kinjang. so we went there after lunch. hee.

nothing much we did there. take photos, soak leg. the water was chilly!. me likey!.

so photos:

he didnt gimme the unedited one. *box kiddult*

ini teman lelaki i. yang macam budak. :P

i took this!!. if i'm not mistaken. only this ONE. yang lain lain not mine.

everyone says he looks better in photos than real person. HAH!.
*cough* photogenic *cough*
everything with him in it is nice.

we dont meet all the time. and when we meet it's always nice. heee.
thanks for coming over for the week.
i practically emptied ur wallet. *shy*
sorry uncle, auntie. i didnt kidnap your son.

and this post is in green cuz it's his fav colour. i'm shooo niceeeee.


i heart you much much.

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